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Lex Lang is an American poet, Voice actor, music producer, songwriter, entrepreneur, and Philanthropist. He provides his voice in many video games and worked as a director for several animations and video games. Lang’s birthdate is November 12, 1965.


Lex Lang Wiki/Biography

Lex Lang

Lang’s age is 55 in 2020. Lex’s birthplace is Hollywood, California, United States. He is a multi-talented man because professionally he is a voice actor, ADR director, Music producer, poet, entrepreneur.


Physical Appearance

Height (approx)– 6 feet

Weight (approx)– 79 Kg

Hair color– Reddish

Eyer color– Black

Zodiac sign– Scorpio



Lex Lang’s childhood school and college-related information not much available.

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Lex Lang Wife

Lex Lang Wife
His Wife

In 2004 he was married to an American voice actress Sandy Fox.



Lex Lang

In 1998 lex and his wife started the love planet foundation. This foundation is a non-profit organization and it creates educational material for children, Preservation of the planet, and world water awareness. Lex also created love planet productions and it includes multiple multimedia projects such as Toddler shows, zen programming, anime presentation show.


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Lex Lang Movies and TV shows

His movies lists

1996BlackJackAdditional Voice
1998Yu Yu Hakusho: The movieKazuma Kuwabara
2001Street Fighter Alpha


Reborn From Hell 2


Man on Vehicle Radio 2

Shosetu Yu

2002Cowboy Bebop


Additional Voice

Shibrage Kelvelos

2003The secret of Mamo (Japanese animated science fiction comedy film)Goemon Ishikawa

Ex-Driver the Movie

Tenshu Yashiro

David police officer, Fitz

2011Legend of the Millennium DragonAdditional Voice
2013(Direct to video animated film based on Comic Book Crossover) Justice League: The Flashpoint ParadoxCaptain Atom
2015The Last Naruto the MovieHayate Gekko

Lex Animation

2002ChalkZone (American Animated television series)Ronnie Lox
2004All Grown UpTalk show host
2006 to 2007Avatar: The Last AirbenderFire Lord Sozin
2007 to 2008The BatmanMetallo, Additional Voice
2009Batgirl: Year One (Nine part comic book mini-series)Batman
2012The Avenger Earth’s Mightiest HeroesDoctor Doom
2013Regular ShowBarry Police Officer
2016Lego Star WarsPoe Dameron
2018-2019Star Wars Resistance (American 3D animated Sci-Fi television Series)Major Vonreg

His Live Actons

1994VR TroopersTropedobot Robot
1996Masked RiderCyborsect
1996Power Ranger ZeoLouie
1997Power Ranger TurboRygog
1998”    “Ecliptor Jakarak
2002Power Ranger Wild ForceZen- Aku


Lex Lang Net Worth

He is a popular songwriter, producer, actor, music producer, Poet. His Net Worth approximately is $900000 dollars.


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